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Botox® - Fast And Effective But The Big Question Is Is It Safe?

Women are constantly seeking products to look younger and often they are digging deep into their pocket books to try new products. Some have had laser treatments, some have spend exorbitant amounts on new face creams, some have tried holistic or natural approaches. Woman and I might add men are always on the quest for a more youthful appearance. Many have turned to Botox® .

What we know for certain is the Botox® anti-aging treatment works. In 2003 in the US 8.3 million cosmetic procedures where done. Of that 8.3 million 78% of the procedures did not involve surgery such as injectables to ease wrinkles.

Botox® ® is the trade name for botulinum toxin A.What Botox® does is "paralyze muscles and soft tissue fillers" which are derived from natural collagen and restore plumpness. Originally Botox® was used to treat uncontrollable blinking. Doctors soon discovered the patients being treated for blinking were obtaining a more youthful appearance - thus the future of Botox® took a turn down the cosmetic road.

The protein compound of Botox® actually causes botulism which can result in paralysis. When it is injected into the skin the muscle stops contracting it causes the skin to relax and the wrinkle to soften. Botox® works best on individuals who have deep set highly visible wrinkles. It is mostly used on the forehead, between the eyes, and on crow feet. It takes 3-5 days after the injection for the effects to occur which last 3-4 months.

Some people are having "Botox® Parties" where everyone gets together for cocktails and their Botox® injection. We strongly recommend you do not partake in these parties. Seek medical advise if your are considering a Botox® treatment.If you are thinking about a Botox® treatment make certain your Doctor uses FDA approved Botox® and only get treatments form a licensed Doctor. Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons are the most expert in administering Botox® so if either of these are an option I would recommend taking that route. Get a few recommendations for doctors and check each one out thoroughly. Check if they are board certified, get references if at all possible, schedule an appointment for a consultation which will give you a better indication if you are comfortable with your choice. Ask your doctor to show you before and after pictures of procedures he has done.

Some of the potential problems that can occur

  • Some people experience a pinching or burning sensation when the needle enters the skin. Ask your doctor for a numbing cream prior to your treatment
  • Minor post treatment headache may occur
  • Red blotching can occur for around 15 -30 min. Wait to leave the doctors office until redness fades.
  • Droopy eyelid results when there is seepage of Botox® into the muscle that keeps the eye open. It can occur anywhere from immediately to two weeks after the injection.
  • Some may experience an expressionless face. Use a lower dose of Botox® next treatment
  • BOTOX® ® has been approved as an anti-wrinkle remedy by the American Food and Drug Administration (AFD). Since this is a public and federally funded institution, they are primarily concerned with public safety one would assume they would not approve BOTOX® ® for general public usage without conducting all the sufficient and necessary tests to determine whether or not it is safe.

    The use of Botox® is truly a personal choice and we recommend you do your research before making a decision.

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